How do I achieve a softer beard and eliminate split ends?

How do I achieve a softer beard and eliminate split ends?

Believe it or not much of your beard health comes from within. Maintaining a good diet, exercising and keeping your stress levels low will all do wonders towards growing an awesome beard. With that said, there are some things you can do to keep your beard in top condition.

    1. Keep your beard hydrated and conditioned. This will help with flakey skin around the beard area and dandruff whilst also giving you soft and luscious facial hair.
    2. Keep the Shampoo to a minimum. Too much sudsy chemicals will damage and dry your facial hair out.
    3. If you need to neaten up your beard use scissors whenever you can instead of trimmers/other electrical shavers.
    4. Stop tugging and touching your beard excessively, this does not apply to letting females touching your beard.
    5. Use beard oil, see point 1 for why!
    6. Get rid of those split ends. The best way is to use scissors and cut them off.


Why do I need beard oil?

Beard oil is an essential part of having a healthy, soft, conditioned and hydrated beard. Not only does beard oil give your facial hair a great look, it also gives it an awesome scent and eliminates dryness and dandruff.



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