Beard Growth Oil – FAKE!

Beard growth oil is one of the most sold beard products around, with thousands of dropper-bottles flying off the shelves on a daily basis.

But does beard growth oil really work, and what makes it so different from regular beard oils?

I mean is there really a beard oil that can make your beard grow, or have you just been fed lies all this time?

This is what we are going to thoroughly explain today, and bust one of the biggest beard myths in the process.

The beard oil revolution started back in Sri Lanka in mind 2016 and took off in 2018 with major players such as BeardClub, and BeardProject started entering the domestic market. But these guys have always being selling quality beard care products. With the success of such companies, in true typical Sri Lankan fashion every Tom Dick and Harry wanted to make a quick buck, started importing Beard ‘Growth’ Oil from China, some claiming to giving beard for 2 year old kids (as seen on their labels 🙂 ). These cheap Chinese Cosmetic products started flooding the market and fooling the average teenager who wants to grow a beard.

PEOPLE, It’s time to wake up.

As the old saying goes Grow what your father gives you.

Beard growth totally depends upon your Genetics and your body growth, there is no medicine to start beard growth.

There has never been any scientific evidence that would suggest that beard growth oil would work. There has also never been any credible growth oil before-after pictures, which would be available by now if it would of have worked for the people who buy it.

Furthermore, none of the active ingredients used in the popular “best beard growth oils” do anything to stimulate facial hair growth.

They are simply the same carrier oils and essential oils you see in regular beard oils.

So if you are starting fresh, try this Lanka Guild to Grow a Beard how about some tips to get that dapper back in you. Casual Style Tips For The Lankan Man

So, what may work for your beard

Minoxidil (Rogaine)

Currently, the only beard growth serum or whatever you want to call it, with actual scientific evidence backing up its use for facial hair enhancement, is the hair-loss drug minoxidil.

(our full article about using it for beard growth purposes can be found here).

It’s not entirely side-effect free, but it has been well-shown to stimulate the follicles to sprout more hair on the top of the headin your beard areaeven in the chest area, and on the eyebrows.

Here’s what it did to 48 men’s beard growth during a 16-week trial:

graphs from minoxidil beard study

You might also have seen many of the facial hair growth oil sellers publicly state that minoxidil would not work, or if it does it’s not permanent, etc.

But there’s an active group of over 50,000+ people on FaceBook who use it for beard enhancement, and many who have grown full beards with it have been off for years with no real loss of gains.

NOTE: If you’re looking for the best type of minoxidil for beard gains, most recommend the 5% Kirkland Liquid Solution as the best bang for your buck option.

It’s funny if you take a deeper look you can see that practically all of the people who say negative stuff against it are the people who have always had beards and never used it or the people who try to peddle these growth oils and sprays as a “better alternative”.

Derma Roller

Another better alternative to beard growing oils and sprays would be the Derma Roller, also known as the Beard Roller.

It’s often used alongside with minoxidil, and there’s science backing up the hair follicle stimulating effects of it.

Sure, it’s not as good of evidence as with the minoxidil above, since the study focused on using it for scalp-hair regrowth and not directly on the facial hair area.

Yet, the results are so impressive that they’re likely to occur on the beard area too, and thousands of anecdotal reports support this claim.

microneedling hair growth study results

The mechanism of action is simple; Using the derma roller on your face punctures tiny microscopic holes into your skin, which prompts the body to repair this damage with extra circulation, collagen synthesis, keratin production, and nutrient delivery.

The scientist who found that it was super effective for hair regrowth, also notes that it enhanced stem-cell related growth factors.

NOTE: For best results, it’s recommended to use a Derma Roller alongside with minoxidil, and to use a 0.5mm to 0.75mm needle-length so that you can reach the epidermis of the skin for best facial hair follicle stimulating results.

The best part? It will cost you less than a bottle of beard growth oil, and it will actually work and you’re able to use it for months, even over a year if it’s good quality.

Vitamins for Beard Growth

There are several vitamins that can help marginally to improve your beard’s growth rate, way more effectively than any facial hair growth oil would ever be able to.

This is because a deficiency in almost any key micronutrient (vitamin or mineral) is going to reduce the levels of your beard growing hormones (testosterone and DHT) and naturally reduce your body’s ability to produce keratin, collagen, natural sebum oils, and the hair fiber itself.

Almost all vitamins play a role, but the most important for beard growth would be vitamin D3 (increases beard follicle maturation and testosterone levels), vitamin E (increases testosterone), zinc (increases testosteronedeficiency causes weak hair growth all over the body), magnesium, boron, and of course, biotin which most people know is important for beard growth.

Now should you go out and buy expensive beard growth vitamins like Beardilizer or Vitabeard?


Those offer nothing special and are almost on part with the fake claims of facial hair growth oils. Your best bet would be to just get a basic multivitamin of high-quality, it does not need to say “beard” in the bottle to be effective.

Beard Supplements

There are few supplements that can help grow your beard, some which have scientific proof backing them up.

I wrote about them in our beard supplements article, and please do note that I’m not talking about the popular beard growth supplements with big flashy beard logos on the bottle and ridiculous price tag.

Instead, I’m talking about things like the herb Ashwagandha (which raises beard growth hormones) or carnitine (which boosts androgen receptors and feeds fatty acids to the hair follicles directly) and other things like that.

They offer a marginal benefit, but still much better results than any beard growing oil ever could.

Good Beard Nutrition Habits

You are what you eat, and vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acids all contribute in a way or another to healthy beard growth.

How much, and what you eat also impacts the beard growth hormones directly, which means that you can enhance or suppress your natural facial hair growth potential with just everyday simple food choices.

While I don’t want to beef up this post too much, do note that I have written a comprehensive list of the best beard growth foods here before.

Overall Healthy Lifestyle

Little things like sleep, exercise, not binge drinking, your quality of life, and so forth, can all contribute to your overall hormone levels and the ability to grow facial hair.

The effect is not huge – and doesn’t really overcome your genetic potential in most cases – but it’s still much better than beard growth oil could ever be.

Here’s a graph that shows what poor sleep does to testosterone levels (the most important beard-growing hormone):

sleep beard


So to recap the above…

Does beard growth oil work?

No. Never did, likely never will.

Does regular beard oil help with facial hair growth?

No. It moisturizes and hydrates the beard skin, but that’s about it.