Why Do You Get Split Ends and How to Prevent It!

Why Do You Get Split Ends and How to Prevent It!

Perhaps the only time you’ve dealt with split ends until now was when your girlfriend complained about her own. But you may find that as your beard grows longer, you start seeing some of these split ends pop up in your facial thicket. Or maybe your beard is short but you’re still using that dinky plastic comb you bought at the drugstore, to frizzy results.

Split ends are truly a nuisance to an otherwise glorious beard, and they can result from a number of factors.

The problem: You’re using head shampoo on your beard

Head shampoos are specifically formulated for the head – the chemistry of your beard hair is different. Plus, many head shampoos are too drying and will strip away natural sebum and moisture.

The fix: Use a gentle shampoo formulated for beards, and follow with beard oil and balm. Adjust frequency as needed

Mo Bros Beard Shampoogently cleans the beard and the skin beneath. We made sure to formulate our shampoo without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a detergent that strips hair of sebum and moisture.

But as with any product, you can overdo it. Cut down the frequency with which you shampoo until you find a sweet spot where your hair is clean but still hydrated. We recommend starting with 2 – 3 times a week and adjusting as necessary. Guys with thicker hair can usually get away with just 2 – 3 times a week, while guys with thinner, finer hair may need to shampoo every other day.

The problem: You’re dyeing your beard to cover up grays

We get it. Sometimes genetics toss us a few gray hairs prematurely, and not all of us are ready to rock the silver look. However, hair dye damages your hair by opening cuticles to let color into the shaft. This process makes cuticles ragged and weak.

Exposure to certain chemicals in hair dye (ammonia and peroxide) severely dries out your hair, leaving it prone to split ends.

The fix: Pamper your beard, big time

We’re not saying you should stop dyeing your hair. Just realize that if you continue, you’ll have to work extra hard to keep your beard healthy. Because hair dye dries out your hair, you’ll need to restore what’s been lost.

That means being vigilant about maintenance. Shampoo and condition as needed, and don’t go a day without beard oil. Beard oil helps prevent split ends by supplementing your hair’s natural sebum. Beard oil consists of a carrier oil – a mild oil that carries the fragrance – and essential oils for fragrance. Mo Bros Beard Oil employs safflower oil and argan oil as carrier oils to soften your beard while adding shine.

The problem: You’re overcombing your beard

There is such a thing as combing your beard too often. The right amount of combing will distribute sebum and beard oil evenly through hair, maximizing beard health. But too much combing leads to damaged hair cuticles, especially if you’re not using a quality comb (we’ll elaborate more on combs in the next point).

The fix: Don’t overdo it

Comb your beard 3 – 4 times a day, max.

he problem: You’re using a plastic comb, or a comb that tugs at your beard

The fix: Use a saw-cut comb or an animal horn comb

Combs are not created equal. The most widely available comb is the plastic comb, which also happens to be the most damaging option. Opt for saw-cut over mass production in a giant plastic mold. Plastic combs may be cheap, but they have microscopic jagged edges that tear your hair – they can even create split ends!

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