How To Apply Beard Balm… Properly!

How To Apply Beard Balm… Properly!

So what is beard balm anyway? Beard balm is pomade used to moisturize and condition your beard using oil blends and possibly fragrance oils. The major difference between beard balm and beard oil is that the balm is thicker and can used as a styling agent. The oil, on the other hand, is easier to get to the skin beneath your beard and help reduce dryness and itch.

 So here’s how to properly use a beard balm
1. Start by using the back of your thumbnail to scrap out the balm.
2. A pea size amount works great for a medium length beard.
3. Place the balm into the palm of your hand.
4. And rub your palms together to soften the balm. (the heat of your hands will melt and soften the oils and beeswax, making application easier.
5. Start on the side of your beard and lightly cover the hairs.
6. Make sure to work it in, including underneath, focusing on the beard hairs that tend to be unmanageable. If you have a mustache that needs a bit of light hold to stay out of your food, you can also apply the balm there.
7. Comb it in with your fingers.
8. And now you look awesome!
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