How To Keep Your Beard Straight

How To Keep Your Beard Straight

Before you begin you’ll need three things; a quality beard-comb, a hair-dryer and a beard balm

While your beard is still slightly damp from washing and conditioning, gently work in the beard balm into your beard.

Now use the beard-comb and blow dryer to groom and set your beard. Once the beard balm sets in the hair will remain straighter for the rest of the day.

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Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind for great results:

  • Don’t use a hot blow-dryer; hot air will make hair brittle
  • Don’t rub too much beard balm on your beard
  • Do use the coolest setting possible
  • Do gently work it in by following the direction the hair grows in
  • Do also use a good beard oil to keep hair soft

Establish this morning routine, and you’ll have a well-groomed beard all day long.

Beard oil is a good addition when it comes to keeping your beard straight all day because of its holding powers.

The best choice are beard balms made with Shea butter and Beeswax that make curly beards easier to straighten.

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