The difference between beard oil and beard balm.

The difference between beard oil and beard balm.

Now that you’re getting more and more confused, let’s try to make things even more confusing.

Which one should you use and which one is better?

Although this is a common question it’s hard to tell if one is essentially better than the other or if you should use one over the other for better results. Instead, it all boils down to personal preference. Here what’s the difference between the two so that you can decide what is better for your own beard.

Short Beard

For shorter beards it may be better to go for beard oil.

Beard oil isn’t designed to shape your facial hair. It is used solely to nourish your hair.

If your facial hair is shorter it’s much more manageable. Therefore, you might be best better off with beard oil since the whole thing is not weighed down as much. If your beard is only a few weeks old the balm may not give you your money’s worth. Hair that short doesn’t need to be held in place at all. Beard oil is going to give your beard this health boost while reducing the itchiness.

Long Beard

If you have longer facial hair it becomes necessary to tame the beast a bit. Bringing your beard under control is essential if it is so long and thick it reaches more than four inches away from your chin. Beard balm might be best in this case. The fullness and malleability of the beard is greatly improved with beard balm.

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If you prefer your beard to feel light and look shiny, beard oil is the ideal option for you. Beard balm will add a fair bit of weight to your hair but it will make it feel like its held in place throughout the day. If you are okay with the way this feel and believe that your beard genuinely needs to be controlled then beard balm is the better option for you.

If you like to have a smooth and fluffy feeling on your face throughout the day and don’t care much for the beard falling all over the place as you merrily go about your day then beard oil it is.

Beard balm works best if you pair it with a great beard brush with natural boar bristles. This will help you shape the beard up even better and help you tame unruly hairs in your beard. It is for men with extra long beard who need to check misbehaving hairs. However, the shiny and glossy look that beard oil gives you, is sacrificed for this level of control.

A lot of men with beards who work outdoors prefer beard balm. They say the balm doesn’t get dry and irritable and tends to stay in place after a long, adventurous day when they use beard balm. If you are out all day in the sun oil may not make you feel as comfortable.

What if I want to use both of them?

I certainly didn’t tell you to choose between beard oil and beard balm. The fact that these two products have their differences and similarities, this doesn’t stop you from using both of them. You can easily include both in your beard care routine.

Beard Oil and Balm are both excellent at making your beard feel, smell and look spectacular, but there are differences. Consisting solely of natural oils, Beard Oil has an easier time getting to and being absorbed by your skin to minimize beard itch and flaking. Beard Balm, meanwhile, provides more and longer lasting control through the addition of natural butters.

We suggest both for a flawless beard regime, but here are some instances where one beats out the other.


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