Why Should You Use A Beard Comb

Why Should You Use A Beard Comb

Do you wish you had a flawless beard?

We get dozens of questions each and everyday from bearded brothers and the number one topic of discussion (by far) is beard grooming and styling!

The truth is, grooming and styling your beard isn’t easy!

You’ve most likely spent months (or years) patiently growing your mane and the LAST thing you want is a grooming mistake that sets you back months!

There are literally dozens of products you can use to groom, style and keep that beard looking fresh but in our opinion, NONE are as important as a good beard comb!

Here are 4 reasons you need a great beard comb…

1. Helps Train & Shape Your Beard

As your beard grows, hairs tend to grow in all directions. This is natural and why you need to comb daily! Combing your beard throughout the day is the BEST way to train your beard to grow in the shape you want!

You can comb your beard down in some areas for a tighter look and out in others so it appears fuller. This will give your beard the perfect shape and make grooming/styling much easier!

2. Prevent Ingrown Hairs

In addition to training and shaping your beard, combing your beard daily helps prevent ingrown hairs! When you have curly beard hair, or hairs that grow in the wrong direction it leads to pesky ingrown hairs. Combing your beard will train your hair to grow in the right direction and reduce ingrown hairs.

3. Distribute Your Beard Oil

As you know, beard oil is the foundation for a healthy beard and it’s essential to evenly distribute your beard oil through your beard. Even oil distribution promotes healthier skin, eliminates beardruff and helps you grow healthier, thicker beard. Combing after you oil is the best way to do this.

*TIP: Don’t use plastic combs! When you comb after oiling your beard, it gets greasy and oily! Stick to high quality wood comb!

4. Shows You Live Bearded!

Growing a beard is a labor of love and it takes pride, passion and patience to grow an epic beard. Which is why, if your a true beardsman and have a beard, you need a great beard comb!

We can’t stress the importance of your beard comb enough. It is the single most important grooming tool!

Credit: Livebearded.com

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